Sociology Sex and Gender

Film Analysis Project

This assignment is one that you may begin early so that you will be able to view all the movies in time to complete the requirements for the final exam, which is this film assignment.

Please pay careful attention to the instructions and turn in the entire project at the same time.

You must watch 5 films in the group listed and prepare an analysis based on the instructions that follow.

The Film Assignment (which is the final exam) is a paper based on what you have learned from all the films collectively. You are expected to turn in a well thought out, well written paper that brings into it lessons learned from the various texts and lectures, as well as opinions you have on the various topics.

There is no right or wrong way to approach the paper. We are not looking for a regurgitation of material learned. Instead, what is desired is that you speak from your own formulations and the depth of your experience while bringing in materials and ideas from the course.

You are asked to answer the series of questions listed below. Your task is to relate what you have learned from the films to the questions. You are to bring in situations, quotes, gender ideas and analysis, characters, etc. from the films in order to produce a well thought out, fully prepared answer.

Please write an essay referring to all the films you have watched. Be certain to address the following questions in your essay:

1) What are your personal feelings about the films as a whole? How did you feel after watching these films?

2) How did the main characters and their problems relate to the subject matter of this class.

3) As a group of films, what are the similarities in the problems the characters face and the ways they handle those problems?

4) Are their differences in the ways the characters face their problems?

5) What factors (era, location, race, age, ethnicity, class, etc.) in the films affected the decisions the characters made about their problems?

6) What do these films have to say about women, gays and lesbians, and transgender individuals? What do they teach us about these members of our society?

7) What do these films have to teach us about the major sex and gender issues of the day (implied is: what are the major issues)?

8) What do the films have to say about present day society? Have we made progress on these issues or too little?

9) Has America lived up to its potential of being a country in which ALL people are equal under the law, have the same rights and privileges, etc., or is there a lot of work to do before the USA reaches that goal?

10) What can be done to make society a place in which all individuals can live their lives with dignity, in full equality, and as fully functioning, contributing, respected members of society?

11) How have these films affected your view of sex and gender issues, same sex marriage, the treatment of women, of American society and its treatment of its citizens, particularly the issues of diversity and difference?

Films: Please choose 5 of the films from this list (all are available on DVD)

In and Out

Torch Song Trilogy

The Closet (French film)

The Birdcage

Patrik 1.5

But I’m a Cheerleader


Boys Don’t Cry

Brokeback Mountain



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