Software Programming

Here is a famous mathematical game named Googol, invented by Martin Gardner in his column in Scientific American in 1960. The rules are as follows: Player 1 writes 10 different numbers on cards, and the cards are turned face down and shuffled. Player 2 flips the cards over one by one until he decides to stop. Player 2 wins if the number on the last opened card is the largest of all the cards; otherwise Player 1 wins. There is a mathematical strategy that gives Player 2 the best chance of winning, but without using any mathematics, think about the game and describe what rule you would use to decide when to stop flipping cards.


Based on the problem of the above question, and what you learned in the textbook, complete the following:

Write a problem statement for the “Googol” game.
Document the algorithm for the “Googol” game.
Document the decision points and label what type of decisions they are.
Based on your problem and algorithm, document which programming language, or type of programming language, you think would be most appropriate for building a program to play the “Googol” game.


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