Solving California's water shortage with desalination

Important Change: Final Draft Now Due Wednesday, November, 4th

Peer Review Due Nov. 2nd


Template for Proposal Paper


Statement of the Problem/Background

This is your introduction. Just like the heading suggests, you should identify the key points that highlight your problem. In doing so, you can provide a brief summary of those events that led to the problem as the problem exists today. In essence, you are clearly defining the problem as it now exists.

  • You can also orient your reader by throwing in a brief narrative


Purpose Statement

Here is where you clearly state the purpose of this paper. Think of this as a very clear directional cue/thesis statement in which you identify exactly what you propose to argue in your final paper. You need to think about this like this: “The purpose of my final paper is to argue for__________ and show ways that might help to solve the problem.”

  • Your purpose statement, then, can read something like this: “I propose to examine the claim that second hand smoke is a leading and significant cause of cancer among nonsmokers.”



This section is about limits and focusing your causal relationships. Here, you should highlight those specific points of your research that you will use in your final essay. Let’s take the above purpose statement and fill it out some more (note: the limiting parts will be in bold type):

  • “I propose to examine the claim that second hand smoke is a leading and significant cause of cancer among nonsmokers. While significant evidence exists that bolster this claim, there are also key points missing from this argument. Most notable among these points is a failure to acknowledge and forward the role that individual human genetics might play in determining the effects of second hand smoke.”
    • The limit of the research is clear. The scope of the final paper will argue that the current rhetoric underlying nonsmoking policies is not fully accurate because it doesn’t consider all the possible links in the causal chain.


Methods and Data

Don’t let this section scare you. This section will simply summarize how you collected the data (for instance, researching scholarly journals through EBSCO host, personal observations, personal experience narratives, etc.), and then briefly summarize the findings from that data.

  • When discussing articles (whether they are for or against the claims you hope to make in your final paper), for instance, you’ll simply summarize the author’s main points
  • If using personal experience as evidence/data, then you’ll describe the experience and explain the import/relevance of the experience to your claim. IE: what is the experience, why are you using it, and how does it fit?


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