Special Education

Special Education

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Could you please answer these 8 questions based on the chapters that I sent to you?

1. What is FERPA and what is its purpose?

2. In what ways do the terms “mainstreaming” and “inclusion” differ?

3. IDEA includes the concept of “stay put”. Define “stay put “. Then describe when stay put can be set aside by the school district. (3 points)
4. When considering a long term suspension for a student with a disability, the IEP committee must conduct a manifestation determination. Describe the factors that must be considered by the IEP committee when determining if a specific behavior is a manifestation of the disability.

5. IDEA provides several means of resolving disputes between parents and school districts. Provide an explanation of each of the following:
a. Child Complaints
b. Mediation
c. Resolution Conference

6. Define a “BIP”. Under what circumstances should a “BIP” be developed for a student with a disability?

7. When considering the LRE for a student with a disability, describe what the IEP committee must consider with respect to benefits that accrue to the student with a disability and, the effect a general education placement has on peers in the classroom. How does the IEP committee balance these, sometimes, competing interests.

8. The School Resource Officer apprehends a student attempting to sell prescription drugs to another student during lunch at school. The SRO files a police report. The SRO also advises the principal of the situation. Describe the actions the Principal should take to be compliant with IDEA.

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