Special Issues in Russian Logistics

The assignment:
Please write an essay of the topic: Present situation, challenges and future of logistics between Russia
and EU. The topic is broad, so you are able to choose your own point of view, or to concentrate a more
narrow area inside that phenomenon. You can also use a real case study if you like.
This is individual assignment. As the course is 3 cr, it equals 81 hours of student work.
– you should search for the following books:
o Karamysheva Marina, Henttu Ville, Hilmola Olli-Pekka: Logistics of North-West Russia and
Rail Baltica: standpoints of private sector. LUT 2013 (available in www -> search from Wilma,
Lpr Academic Library)
o Hannola Lea (Ed.): Guidebook to financing infrastructure for transport and logistics within
the Northern Dimension. LUT 2013 (available in www -> search from Wilma, Lpr Academic
– you also need to search minimum 5 academic articles from ABI/Inform, Ebsco, Emerald, Science
Direction Elsevier etc. (available via Nelliportal in Lpr Academic Library)
– you can also use other books than those two mentioned above.
– you can also use interviews (e.g. in logistic companies )
– amount and quality of the sources will also affect to the grade
– Report should be minimum 15 pages (text pages) + cover page, table of contents and List of


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