Special problems that related to the confidentiality in the health care

This reserch will be related to maternity hospital ( Corniche Hospital) Abudhabi city. In the reserche should have interview with doctor or staff in the hospital.
Information security and privacy in the healthcare sector is an issue of growing importance. The adoption of digital patient records, increased regulation, provider consolidation, and the increasing need for information between patients, providers, and payers, all point towards the need for better information security. It very difficult to maintain the confidentiality for the patient from all staff and they faced many situation that let them to talk about the patient information .In this paper, I will provide special problems related to the confidentiality, laws to protect the privacy for the patient, what psychology reason that will lead to break confidentiality in the hospital, suggest legal and social solutions and at the end I will produce study for my own experience and create afield project in the hospital that review, analysis and the solution f mention my own experience and stories regarding to confidentiality in the hospital.


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