spectrophotometry of Dyes




Fill in the tables for the lab in the data tab of the excel file Chem L111_Spectrophotometry of Dyes_YOUR NAME, and then copy and paste them here. Be sure to use the correct number of significant figures for each number. It is conventional to put the units in the title of the column, so you don’t need to put them in each cell of the table. Add lines to the tables as needed.

Discussion (Report Section in the Lab Book)
Using the data contained in table 2 in the data tab of the file Spectrophotometry of Dyes_YOUR NAME, construct a calibration curve for your dye and then copy and paste it here. Be sure to follow all of the formatting guidelines.

Determine how many milliliters of dye are present in the solution of unknown concentration made for you by your lab partner using the calibration curve. Do your results confirm the value reported by your lab partner?

Questions (worth approximately 10 points each)
1. For each spectrum that you took, single dyes as well as mixtures, what is the color of the absorbed wavelength? How is that color related to the color you see with your eyes? 
2. Beer’s law indicates that absorbance is directly proportional to concentration. Are your data consistent with this law? Explain. 
3. What happened when you combined your solution with that of another student? How did the spectrum of the mixture compare with the spectra of the individual dyes? Was the intensity of your dye’s absorption altered by the presence of the second dye? Explain.

Be sure to reference any/all resources that are used to write your formal lab report. This should include the lab manual, as well as any outside resources such as the textbook.


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