Sport Physiology

Generic Marking Criteria


% Grade Characteristics of % Grade Band
0% Penalty grade for academic malpractice
1-9% Does not address the learning outcomes of the module whatsoever
10-19% Very little relevant material. A very basic attempt to address the outcomes of the module has been made and the content is severely lacking any real quality.
20-34% An attempt to address the outcomes of the module is evident with some supporting evidence being present. The work may contain numerous spelling and grammatical errors.
35-39% The answer has merit but is mainly anecdotal in nature but is supported by some research evidence. An understanding of the main concepts is evident.
40-49% The main issues have been addressed and the learning outcomes have been adequately covered. There is evidence of some research support but this is used in a descriptive fashion and indicates limited understanding of the area.   Some spelling and grammatical errors are evident and structure is largely inappropriate.
50-59% A good overall understanding of the area is evident.   The answer provides an accurate description of the main issues but no critical appreciation is evident. The style is largely good and contains only minor omissions or grammatical errors.
60-69% A good understanding of the area is evident which also indicates a modest level of critical appreciation of the subject area.   There is evidence of wider reading and competent evaluation of relevant material. At the higher end of the boundary the work contains no spelling or grammatical errors.
70-79% A moderate level of critical and analytical appreciation of the area is evident with a good structure. Work indicates an excellent understanding of the area and some creative flair is evident. Relevant theory and research are synthesized in a highly organised fashion.
80-89% As 70-79% but make critical links with related theory and/or research. The concepts addressed are of publishable value.
90-100% As 80-89% but ideas are entirely new and work is of publishable quality with little extra work.





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