Stages of Strategic Management

Stages of Strategic Management
Paper instructions:
Practical Application: Stages of Strategic Management (75 Points)

Select a publicly held company that interests you and go to the company’s corporate website to learn how it engages in strategic management. Keep in mind that larger, more formal companies will have more information available on their strategic management processes. Perform a keyword search of the following terms on the corporate website of the company that you have selected:

Strategic management/planning
Strategy formulation
Strategy implementation
Strategy evaluation
At the corporate website, look for the most current Form 10K and review it. If you have any difficulty finding the Form 10K on the corporate website, you can use a search through your preferred search engine using both the company’s name and “Form 10K” in the search criteria.

In a well-written paper, discuss how your chosen company engages in the three stages of strategic management. Provide as much of the following information as possible:

Give specific examples of how the company formulates strategic decisions.
Give specific examples of how the company implements strategic decisions.
Give specific examples of how the company evaluates strategic decisions.
Give specific examples of whether or how the company relies on innovation strategies.
Are the three stages of strategic management process separated and well defined within the company?


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