Steel Magnolias

watch this show don’t refer to it as video refer to it as a theatrical show :

after you watch it answer those questions below:

1. What engaged you during this performance? What disengaged you? Why?

2. Discuss specific observations/examples from the performance: acting, directing, set/costume/lighting/sound design,
and audience.

3. Cite and apply specific ideas/theories from Theatrical Worlds to back up your observations/opinions/assertions. (attached)

4. How do you see this play relating to the Rites. Rights. Writes. Theme “It’s your Nature”? Be specific. you will find information about it in this link : (

5. What did you learn about yourself and theatre as a result of viewing this performance and completing this
assignment? Be specific.

6. Apply and compare what you learned to your own major or field of study. Be specific. (Major :Electrical engineering)


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