Story problems in Mathematics Education

Examples of possible titles:
• what role(s) should mathematical proof play in teaching and learning mathematics?
• is there a special case for ability grouping in mathematics?

The requirements for the outline are. 
• word document of no more than 500 words. 
• The outline should be grammatically correct. 

The outline should include:
1- the titrl for the assignment. 
2- the main question(s) you plan to address (if this is not obvious from the title). 
3- a brief summary of the issue you have chosen. 
4- you current thoughts about this issue (which you can refer back to latet to see how it has changed).
5- you reasons for choosing this issue. 
6- themes from the module that are relevant to your issue. 
7- The areas that your literature review will focus on. 
8- some research literature that you have already identified as relevant. 
9- suggestions for keywords and terms that you will use to search for more literature.
10- any questions that you plan to address in your analysis. 
11- A draft structure for your assignment including section headings. 

On the other hand the coursework or essay should include the following. 

1- A clear statement of the issues that you are analysing. 
2- a critical review of the Theoretical background and relevant research literature. 
3- an analysis of your chosen topic in light of this review. 

A possible structure and word distribution for the coursework assignment:

1- introduction, identifying main issues (500 words). 
2- Literature review (2000 words).
3- Critical discussion of your issue in view of the literature review (2000 words).
4- Conclusions, including implications for further research, policy, and / or practice (500 words).


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