strategic management

Individual Assignment




1.Description of Assessment Requirements: Individual Written Assignment





The twenty-first century has seen the emergence and growing acceptance of new streams of research that offer still more promising means of coping with organisational reality“(Johnson et al., 2011, Exploring Corporate Strategy, 9th Edition, p.17).

Drawing on relevant studies and models , critically evaluate this statement. Use business examples to support your argument.

Total: 3000 words

Assessment value: 25%



2.Marking Scheme (Individual Assignment)



· The assignment assessment criteria and mark allocation are as follows :


L.O. Critically analyse how the different perspectives of social science disciplines inform strategic management

Introduction .( 10 marks)

Literature review of content and process approaches to strategy (40 marks)




-Complexity theory

Comparative analysis of selected models (30 marks)

Business examples (20 marks)



(Total 100 marks: value=25%)


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