strategic management business report case study:Manhattan hotel industry

The business report ensures students’ have the critical faculties to analyse business decision making through an international lens and this will be approached from a consultancy perspective. The business report will provide the opportunity for a more conceptual debate on strategic management, allowing students to critically compare/apply theory with/to practice alongside their own personal experiences.

Please use the PWC’s Manhattan Lodging Index 3Q2014 Report whose URL is found in upload files.

A big investment Chinese fund group is exploring investment opportunities and its international foray into the hospitality industry in Manhattan, New York. It has approached you to perform an analysis of the Manhattan hotel industry (PESTEL & Porter’s 5 forces of rivalry competition). From the trends derived from the data (e.g., the number of new rooms planned) and the other metrics, what growth would you expect in the next years to come? What strategies would you propose the investment group to take if it is to enter the Manhattan market? What, where, how, with whom and when should the new hotel position and market itself ? What metrics/KPIs should it be monitoring to gauge/benchmark the implementation and the success of its strategy? What are the risks, if any, that could be associated with the world’s economic developments and events, e.g. the end of the US’s money/Quantitative Easing (QE), the imminent Fed’s rate hike, ECB’s QE, Eurozone’s deflation, China’s slowing growth and Japan’s Abenomics?

What strategic choices would it have to consider?

What is your recommendation? To enter or not to enter into the Manhattan Hotel market? Why?

* this business report will go into turnitin system and the similarity can not over 20%, and also there are at least 12 full havard references.
* I uploaded one passed report, writer can follow the structure.
* some materials writer can use already upload, and here is a link might useful.

Is Airbnb responsible for the softening in New York RevPAR?

*it will be in good grade if there are some 4-5 Infographic (like the past report showed), writer can do it as screen shot.


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