Strategic vs. Structural Family Therapy

Strategic vs. Structural Family Therapy

Gehart, D.R., & Tuttle, A.R. (2003): Chapters 1, 3

Based on the readings in Activity 3 and the reading for this activity, write a 5-7 page essay that:

Compares and contrasts the assumptions, concepts, goals, and interventions of the structural and strategic approaches to therapy.
Use the Family Vignette found on page 119 in the Gehart & Tuttle (2003) text, to create and compare treatment plans using both strategic and structural family therapy models. If needed you can be creative and elaborate on the family?s problems as you see fit.
How do the approaches compare in their treatment of diversity issues (for example issues such as age, cultural, spiritual, racial, gender, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status)?
Address which approach more closely aligns with your own assumptions about change.
Please use the online library to find 3 to 5 articles in a peer reviewed journal to use as resources to support your essay.


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