Strategies for Building Self-Confidence

From the e-Activity and textbook, choose two (2) of the six (6) strategies for increasing self-esteem as described in the textbook. Here are the strategies:

6 Simple Strategies for Building Self-Confidence (from the e-Activity)


2.Behave as if you are more confident than you are.

3.Be flexible in your behavior.

4.Learn from your mistakes. The only way to avoid mistakes is to become stagnant.

5.Silence the voice of self-blame, and speak encouragingly to yourself.

6.Be kind to yourself.

6 Simple Strategies for Increasing Self-Esteem (from the textbook)

1.Identify your sources of self-esteem and what is causing low self-esteem.

2.Face a problem and try to cope with it.

3.Seek emotional support.

4.Take responsibility for your self-esteem.

5.Look for opportunities to achieve.

6.Explore resources to improve your self-understanding.

1.Describe one (1) situation in which you used the two (2) strategies that you chose and determine if the two (2) strategies used were successful.

2. Provide at least two reasons as to why you feel that the strategy did not work, or if it did work, why you feel it was successful.

Please use your OWN WORDS to answer discussion questions. Do not cut and paste from a secondary source!

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