strategy on quarters 4- 12

This group report is for my marketing class. My professor required that each group use “links simulation” at the beginning of this semester. “Links” is a simulation company online, each company need operate sale products on different regions, like make decisions on price; customer satisfaction; forecasting etc… After each group make decisions on links every week(quarter), we can get the performance result, and then continue make new decisions on next quarter and until this semester over. Now is the end of semester, our group already did links for each quarter( total is 9 quarters: quarter 4-12). So, each group need write a report is that according links performance( decision results) did by group. My part is analyze what is your firms‘s overall strategy?So, just write 3 double spaced page to analyze strategy on every quarters(4-12). I will provide PERFORMANCE EVALUATION REPORT( quarter 4-12) to you. Please analyze strategy on each quarter according to the performance evaluation. If you have no idea about this assignment, i will upload an example to you, this report example did my my friends last semester, you will have idea and know how to do this after you read the example, and strategy is on page 7-9 on example file .BUT DO NOT COPY ANY WORDS AND NUMBERS form example file, because our group’s performance results are different with their group. PS: Do not change any number in your order, because the performance results were did by our group, even the revenues are bad on recent quarters. Just let me know, if you have any question about links.


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