structural design plan

This is a real case project: The client is considering extending his residential building. The house is a detached house with overall space of 115.3 m2 and built in 1980s (Figures 1, and 2). Which are provided under the file name (existing drawing)I will upload it .This house located in Surrey, England. The height of the building can be maximum 8.2 m. The ground floor of the building is a raised floor except garage area which has a concrete base. Current structure consists of load bearing block work, cavity walls, timber joist flooring system and timber roof trusses.
The client wants to extend the property by 40m2 over the ground floor and first floor. The ground floor extension should take place in garage area. A load bearing wall which is located between the living room and garage should be removed to create the larger area (Figures 1). The garage should be extended to the front to maintain its current space. Second floor should be extended by building on top of the extended area in the ground floor. You also need to come up with the best option for connecting the extended second floor to the existing area. Client expressed that possible usage of the extended second floor could be a guest bed room or home gym.
The design has to fully consider the implication of planning permission. The client also gives you an option to demolish the garage and rebuild it from scratch with your new design (the new design will be given in a file so you will write about it ) if this is feasible and required.
You are allowed to undertake the design by using all common construction material including, steel, concrete, timber or block work. However cost analysis should be provided.

The report should include Cost analysis, Economic evaluation, Structural analysis. (the drawing will be provided to you so it help you in writing everything related to it. 
Part one: (Design Briefing, Master Planning, Outline Design)
You carry out the following tasks: –
1-. To produce several options of outline/conceptual design to address the client’s requirements and some factors of the site situation, which have to be consistent to the general spatial arrangement suggested in the Metric Handbook and other references.
You need to specify two designs and take one of them as a final design (you will take my design as the final one which I will up load) with discussing another design which you need to create so you can discuss it with my design (just a brief design by hand explaining similar to the drawing that I will provide )
2- To conduct a client’s requirement, capture and produce a design briefing.
3- The plans should also present the solutions to the issues identified in feasibility study.
4. prepare demonstration of your design brief, feasibility study, you do not need to draw anything by using a software I will provide you all drawings 

Part two: (Structural analysis and Design, Cost analysis)
1. Improve your outline design and ensure the design is compliant with the Building Regulations, and clarify the essential solutions in terms of structure, building services and building sustainability

2. produce a structural calculation and design for the major structural elements of the building with proper consideration and analysis of various loads based on the architectural design and the building functions.

3. Do a cost analysis and structural calculation. (I will up load drawings in auto CAD format so it will help you with the calculations)

IMPORTANT NOTES for the coursework:

Clear layout, title page, contents page, headings and sub-headings, page numbers, conclusion for part one and conclusion at the end of the report, and graph for cost analysis . 


(14 Reference from trusted website, 3-4 websites from the 14 websites are for the cost analysis which are a real companies)

3 references from books, 
3 reference from journal 

References in Harvard system


i will upload files that have the existing design and the new design so it will help you in the calculations for the cost analysis.

Report should not exceed 4000 words 

2000 word for part one
2000 for part two


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