Subliminal messages and messages behind brands logo in both markets Saudi Arabia and United Kingdom

The between subliminal messages and the hidden meaning behind logos in both markets of Saudi Arabia and United Kingdom


Research Aim:

  1. The aim of this research is to
  1. Also, to assess the relationship between the meanings behind the logo and the subliminal messages (can we mention to the meaning behind logos subliminal messages).

[You have 3 aims here. You should try to minimise this to one main aim. Why are you doing this research and what (one thing) do you really want to find out?]






Objectives: [Objectives = clear statements of how the aim will be achieved]


  • Exploring the meaning and definition of subliminal messages in order to? (how will this help you answer the aim?)


  • Assessing whether consumers are aware of subliminal messages on a conscious level or unconscious – how and why?


  • Investigating if the logo represents or makes the value (attributes) of a brand and how or will the consumer spot that value – how will this help you answer the aim?


  • Exploring how designers place hidden meanings in logos – by using symbol or words (fonts) – how will this help you answer the aim?


  • Assessing whether linguistic choices (or do you mean semantics?) make a difference to logos – why?


  • Exploring whether the meaning behind logos can be considered subliminal messages in order to….?


  • Assessing whether the public can notice the meaning behind logos and consider it as a desired brand in order to…?










Azhar, the Objectives need to be clear statements of how the aim will be achieved. The objectives also need to have a logical sequence and order for investigation for example: How does objective 1 lead to objective 2 and then to objective 3 – what is the logic of your objective structure?


Think of it like this:

You need to throw a party for someone. First you are going to have to define what that person likes/desires from the party and what type of party it is going to be. This is your Aim. Then you will have to find/buy/create all the things that will make the party happen. So you might first of all decide on budget in order to figure out what you can afford to buy. Then you will have to find out the number of people in order to figure out how many of each item to buy. Then you will have to decide on date in order to set aside a location and send out invites..etc..These are your objectives, they have a logical order aimed at reaching your goal.


Hope this helps!



You may wish to change it to: ‘An exploration of the contribution of X to Y in both markets by…’ or ‘exploring what is the impact of X on Y by..’

Or ‘An assessment of the impact of X on Y, by..’


  1. You can join this aim together by:

‘The aim of this research is to investigate how various meanings under subliminal messages may influence the choices for logos made by firms’.


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