summary of Django is freed from slavery by Dr. King

re-write this summary “Django is freed from slavery by Dr. King who in exchange requires Django to help him track down the Schmitz brothers. King realizes a natural ability possessed by Django and makes him his apprentice. Django has a gift of rather precise target with the gun
King is in search of his love broom Hilda who was taken by the brittle brothers. They track her down to Candie a slave owner who gets her slaves to fight to death. They brief Broomhilder and then offer to buy her from Candie. However their plot is discovered by one of candies men who grows suspicious and later finds out that Broomhilder and the two bounty hunters are familiar with each other. Candie keeps her calm and is able to suggest a deal with threats on brooms life. As they are about to summarize the deal with a handshake King kills her with a concealed weapon and he is also shot by another person who is also shot by Django. Django guns down a large number of his opponents but is forced to surrender when broom is captured. He however goes back to Candie’s plantation rescues broom and kills a large number of Candie’s henchmen as well as those returning from mourning her death”

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