Summer Abroad Spain Program Research Report

Summer Abroad Spain Program Research Report

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Summer Abroad Spain Program Research Report 2015
You are required to compile a comprehensive research report during the month of June in Spain. Some of the work can be done prior to starting the program in the United States.

PART ONE: Minimum 3 pages:
• History of Spain
• Land: size, borders, elevations, natural boundaries and other relevant information
• People: various ethnics: their languages, cultures, religions, music, clothing, food etc.
• Government: legislations, judiciary system, executive body, membership to European Union etc.
PART TWO: Conduct your research study/personal observations on the following industries (Minimum 3 pages):
• The role of tourism industry to Spanish economy.
• Hotels: (including: Resort hotels, Time share, Vacation ownership, Hostel, etc.) Chain brands: American, European and Asian
• Wine (various types Regions of wine production “country”, consumption, service, and export to other countries
• Sports & Event and Entertainment
• Banking: Just name the major banks that you see in each destination cities
• Textile (including retail in apparel): Just name chain retail stores you see in each 4 destination cities
Recommendation: To answer the above questions, you are strongly recommended to include your first-hand experience: (Direct observations, Using/consuming the products and /services, and talking to local people, etc.). Also include as many as American hotel companies you see in each of the four cities/American restaurant brands, American alcoholic beverages: wine, beer, spirits and sports and entertainment organizations that are operating in each of the four destinations that we visit in Spain. Likewise find Spanish companies that operating in the United States (an example: Santander bank that some of you may have seen in new york and other states).

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