surveillance, dystopia, or technology

ONE The final paper should make use of and cite from a minimum of one (1) text (George Orwell’s 1984).

TWO In total, the final paper should include a minimum of four (4) sources. ** At least two (2) of

those sources should be from academic peer-reviewed journals found in our library’s online

database. (

Additional sources from outside the required assigned class readings or not from academic databases

must be academically credible.

AUDIENCE The “audience” for your papers in this course is not the instructor but a general academic

audience. This means you can make assumptions about the reader’s general (cultural, historical,

factual) knowledge. However, you may not assume that he/she has textual familiarity with ourcourse readings. In short, you must introduce your sources and texts from the “ground up,” as you

will be asked to do for all of the writings for this course.

FORMAT The paper should follow the MLA citation format outlined in class, including a title, in-text

parenthetical citations, and a “Works Cited” page. Your “Works Cited” page does not count towards

your total page count.

GUIDELINES This paper will be marked according to the following: clarity of presentation of ideas,

including the absence of grammatical and other sentence-level errors; development of claims

supported by textual citation or other evidence; precision of reading comprehension; adherence to

requirements of the assignment.


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