survey and framework of service design and service system innovation survey and framework of service design and service system innovation

The topic is Survey and framework of service design and service system innovation
This is the thesis paper structure we need, as below show:
Chapter I ——–Introduction
Chapter II ——-Background/Literature Review
Chapter III——-Methodology
Chapter IV——-Case Study ( It need to include at least three different field industry. Like it can relate to app, website, travel, car renting, restaurant, bank, electronic device, technology, transportation, public service, hospital.) please use zip car as one of cases, zip car how they innovate their service process like just using zip card to wirelessly open the car door, easy make payment by app, easy registration, easy make reservation by app or website, efficient customer service, different price structure, different location pick up car and different types car. They design and improve the service line from three aspects, before, using , after(try to analysis all the cases from these three aspects). Other cases, you can choose by your self,,, Amazon, Yelp and so on.
(Picture from the book resources second book)
Chapter V——–Conclusion

Thesis paper requirement, it need at least 30 pages, don’t use difficult words and complicated sentences. It can use figures and table graph to analysis, at least 8 cites sources.
These books may help you:
Book resources (can search from amazon and it offer sample, or I may upload it later):
 This is Service Design Thinking: Basics, Tools, Cases by Marc Stickdorn
 Service Design: From Insight to Implementation by Andy Polaine
 Service Design for Business: A Practical Guide to Optimizing the Customer Experience by Ben Reason
 The Service Innovation Handbook: Action-oriented Creative Thinking Toolkit for Service Organizations by Lucy Kimbell


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