sustainability report(system-oriented theory)- legitimacy theories

Write a report within  to the Corporate Reporting Manager of the selected company containing a review of sustainability information released by the listed company in their recent Sustainability Report. The review is to be based on the system oriented theories. The Corporate Reporting Manager is going to use the report as the ground to decide the company’s future practices in disclosing sustainability information that relates to its business operation.
In the report:
• Summarise the key points of sustainable development information in the Sustainability Report issued by the company you have chosen.
• Critically review the disclosure practice according to each theory within the system-oriented theory.
The review should cover:
• Stakeholder theory: how companies identify stakeholders’ interest in its sustainability practice based on their assumed power.
Legitimacy theory: how company use disclosure on sustainability information as communication strategy.
Institutional theory: how company responds to pressure and norm demand of sustainability practice.



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