4500 words: part 1 (500 words)
Select a product or service and provide a summary of the main environmental implications resulting from its production and consumption. You should justify the selection of the topic and briefly evaluate the significance of these environmental impacts. You are advised to consider the environmental impacts throughout the lifecycle.
part 2, 4000 words: should provide a more detailed account of the environmental impacts associated with the product or service selected in part 1. On the basis of this analysis, you should discuss how these environmental impacts can be mitigated.
Your answer should draw on secondary research regarding production and consumption data on the product or service. You should identify the stakeholders involved and consider the role of technological innovation and environmental regulation in promoting sustainable practices.
Essay 2 both parts should focus on the same product or service
You can choose either a tangible product or a service
Products can be either durable or consumable
part 1:Introduction: explain the choice of product/service
Main body: Discuss the main environmental impacts associated with the product
Conclusion: Summarize your findings and briefly mention how you will expand the topic in part 2


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