Syrian refugees and how most refugees are not part of/affiliated with ISIS.

First, below are the two pieces that have been published on the blog about refugees. I suggest that you reach these to get an idea of what we’ve published in the past. These may also be good background reading:
– A crisis beyond borders: the migration across the Mediterranean:
– Czech Republic: the refugee crisis and systematic human rights violations:

Secondly, here are some articles that may be useful in helping you frame the article:
– The Islamic State wants you to hate refugees:
– Syrian refugees are not the problem in ISIS fight:
– Syrian Refugees Are Not a Risk to America:
– Turning Away Refugees Won’t Fight Terrorism, and Might Make It Worse:

Finally, here are the relevant UN conventions that may help you make a legal argument about why countries should help refugees:
– Refugee Convention:
– International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination:

you can launch into a discussion of why Syrians are fleeing their home country. After that, you can move into a discussion about why refugees are not terrorists, and why the US and the international community have a duty to help refugees.and the Syrian refuge and the muslim people are not dangrous and they are not terrorist and 
For those who are blaming Syrian refugees after any attack in the word , can’t u see that refugees are running away from the same guys who carried on the attacks


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