System Prototype

You must submit a sample of the work you (individually) completed as part of the team effort to develop your prototype of the system. This should include at least one detailed design model, the associated code, and a description of the testing you did for this portion of the system. It is not necessary to submit all of the work you did; just provide a representative sample of your best work. 

The design model may or may not be the same as you submitted for the last assignment. If was developed in sufficient detail for writing the associated code and no design changes have been made, just use (and resubmit) that diagram. Otherwise, create a new or modified diagram that provides all the detail necessary for a portion of the code needed for the system prototype that you have developed. Your design model may be a sequence diagram, a state diagram or an activity diagram depending which of these seems to be most appropriate.

You must test the code you develop (unit test) to make sure it is working correctly. Describe how you did the testing, the test cases you ran (if appropriate), the defects you uncovered (if any), and any changes/fixes you made to your code as a result of your testing.


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