Systematic Literature Review within Human Computer Interactions (HCI)

Background: As part of my research work, I have been developing a web based software or artifact which enables researchers to design surveys. These surveys are used as part of treatment process in order to collect data from the patients who are struck by somatic diseases (e.g., Depression, Anxiety, etc.). So the design of surveys is crucial for the caregivers as it is sometime the only and primary source of data collection. This web based software to design surveys has many features to cop up with the needs of caregivers as they often need variety of ways to represent the surveys’ questions.

Now, what I am more interested in is that, the survey design mechanism comes with logging mechanism which I call, “Respondents Behavior Logging” or RBL. Essentially, RBL is an integrated tool of the software, which allow us to track or log participants’ activities while they are taking a quiz/survey online. E.g., each time a participant answers a question or change an answer, switch to the next page, submits a questionnaire/survey, etc.

The idea here is, by collecting the meta-data about how users/participants answer questionnaires may reveal the effectiveness of those questionnaires/surveys. It is not limited to only, findings bugs, or adjusting usability of questionnaires but it is actually can be seen as an evaluation technique of surveys based on real data collected through logging of participants’ activities.

What I am doing at the moment: I have recently completed a systematic literature review within the discipline of Information System (IS). I as a IS researcher now need to expand the scope of my literature review in areas of other disciplines, most important of all is to search within “Human Computer Interaction” or HCI.

The focus of the literature review is, to find out how user behavior is conceptualized in the literature in general and what different evaluation techniques of artifacts based on user behavior have been identified.

What I want from you: I want you to conduct a systematic literature review in the field of HCI (Human Computer Interaction). I give you some preliminary keywords and the database where you should search mainly. You should use your expertise in improving the keywords as your search continues. At the end, you should summarize very briefly about your search mechanism but mainly you should describe in details all the articles you came across and what can be learned from those articles that are beneficiary for my research.

Keyword: online survey, online questionnaire, online therapy, survey instrument, survey log, respondent log, behavior log, questionnaire log, survey validation, questionnaire validation, questionnaire tracking, online tracking, and survey tracking.


Documents I have attached: Please find the documents with this order. You must read the documents I give you to let you understand fully what my research all about.p(6s)

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