Teen Substance Abuse

Teen Substance Abuse

Guidelines for Research Project
Choose a topic specifically related to substance use disorders. Some examples are:
Substance Use Disorders and the Incidence of Domestic Violence
Substance Use Disorders and the Child Welfare System
Substance Use Disorders and Gang Relations
Dual Disorders (Substance Use Disorders and Mental Health)
Substance Abuse Treatment, What Works?
Substance Use Disorders and Corrections
Substance Use Disorders and Young Persons
Medication Assisted Treatment for Substance Use Disorders
Substance Use Disorders and the Elderly
Legalization of Marijuana

If you aren’t sure if your topic is acceptable, please contact Jina for approval.

You then can focus on any angle or aspect of your topic. You are being given freedom to focus on an aspect or area that is of interest to you. I intentionally am not giving you more specific guidelines than this because I want you to focus your paper in a way that is of interest to you. I have found in the past that some students struggle with this lack of specific direction. I am happy to help you focus your topic if need be, just contact me and we can talk about it.

Be sure to choose a topic that has ample research so as not to make the assignment difficult.
Cite a minimum of 6 peer reviewed literature references other than your text books.
This paper is NOT to be written in the first person. Do not use “I”. It is a research paper.
8 pages minimum in length is expected, 12-font print, and all margins must be 1 inch.
Written Assignments (from the syllabus):
Effective written communication skills are essential to professional social work practice. Thus, students are expected to present their ideas clearly and properly and to adhere to accepted standards of writing. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling are to be correct in all written materials submitted and will be considered in grading written assignments. All written assignments must be typed in a 12-font print, and all margins must be one inch. The cover page of a paper is not considered to be a page of text. Work not conforming to these standards or demonstrating serious deficiencies in common English usage will be returned ungraded and a late grade will be earned. References should be included in the APA documentation style. For assistance with APA writing style it is recommended that you visit the Purdue University online writing lab http://owl.english.purdue.edu/


The assignments will emphasize the integration of interviewing, verbal, conceptualization and writing skills in practice. All assignments will be evaluated and graded on the following criteria as well as the criteria provided above.
1. Appropriate use of APA writing style.
2. Adequate number of references cited.
3. Organization and clarity of ideas presented.

4. Ability to integrate theory and practice appropriately.

5. Ability to use analytical skills throughout the assignment.

6. Creative ways of responding to the instructions beyond the requirements.


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