Testing project

Paper details: Testing project. The testing project will give students an opportunity to develop and analyze a language test and may be completed individually or in small groups (2-3 members). The testing project has three components: a language test, a project report, and an oral presentation of the project. More details concerning the project will be provided in a separate handout, which should be regarded as part of the course

This assignment provides an opportunity for you to evaluate the test you have developed. You will address issues concerning the validity and reliability of your test and discuss how you have revised your test based on the results of test analysis. In a report of 13-15 pages (typed, double-spaced, with size 12 font) address the following: Test Administration, Scoring, and Observed Problems: · Describe test purpose and administration: What was the purpose and nature of the test? When was the test given? Where was the test given? To whom was the test given? How was the test given? · Describe rater training (if applicable) and scoring procedures · Describe any problems you noticed with the test instrument itself, the scoring procedures, and the administration of the test. For example, did students understand the instructions? Did students have enough time to finish the test? Were there surprises in students’ responses? Test Results and Statistics · Summarize test results; provide relevant test statistics including range, mean, and standard deviation of your test results; interpret test results Validity · Provide evidence demonstrating the validity of your test; present the type(s) of evidence most appropriate for your test; discuss the evidence presented Reliability · Provide evidence demonstrating reliability of your test; present the type(s) of evidence most appropriate for your test; discuss the evidence presented Item Analysis (where appropriate) · Perform item analysis; present and discuss results of item analysis Test Revision · Discuss how your test has been revised based on your analysis of the test (including scoring key or scoring criteria) · Attach a copy of your revised test (including scoring key or scoring criteria) Provide a separate reference page for all the sources you cited. Evaluation (see evaluation rubric) Content (relevance, accuracy and thoroughness): Maximum 24 points Organization: Maximum 3 points Language use and format: Maximum 3 points Submit two copies (one hard copy and one soft copy) of your project report.


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