Chapter 1

1. Describe what the author means about how language and imagery relate to textiles and give three examples.

2. Give three examples and elaborate on how textiles can be used as metaphors.

3. Give two examples from any time period or civilization on how the making of textiles represents life itself.

4. Rituals are an important part of our mortal journey. Often textiles are symbolically associated with these rituals. Describe five rituals that have an association with textiles and one from your own life’s journey.

5. Describe a bag or container that you have at home and describe how it fits into Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs. It could be a briefcase, a cookie jar, coin purse etc.

Chapter 2

6. Describe six sources of materials and/or dyes and how they are used in the making of textiles and their function.

7. Give three examples of how textiles provide protection of the body in the environment through either clothing or shelter.

8. Give three examples of how textiles have assisted with the procurement and preparation of food through the ages.

9. Give three examples of how textiles have been and are being used in the medical profession to support hygiene, and physical protection.

10. Give five examples of how different cultures have used textiles for travel and transport.

11. Many cultures are dependent on the making and selling of their textiles as sources of income. Site three examples of how textiles skills have been turned into cash.

12. Define the difference between spiritual protection and psychic protection and site three examples of each.

Chapter 3

We have spent the past two months learning the importance textiles play within various cultures and societies around the world. They offer a meaningful role in our survival, rituals, comfort, and community bonding while providing spiritual connections and remembrances. From the themes listed below, site three examples and elaborate with a short essay on how textiles are utilized to fulfill these goals.

Family Ties
Love, Sex, and Friendship
Creating Community
Sharing Work, Forging Bonds
Leisure and Play
Rallying to the Flag


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