That so Raven, Boy Meets World, Fresh Prince Of Belair

Watch one episode of least three television shows that are directed at children between the age of 6 and 12. Features to examine include the acts of violence, acts of prosocial behavior, and stereotypical male and female behaviors.

What were the television shows that you selected, and was there any other reason for chosing these shows besides their meeting the age criteria?

Describe the types of behaviors you were looking for that met the definition of acts of violence, prosocial behavior, or gender stereotypic behavior. You need to state how you were operationally defining violence, prosocial acts, or gender stereotypic behavior.

What were the results overall for the three shows, and for each show individually? Keep an actually tally of the number of acts of violence, prosocial behavior, or gender stereotypic behavior. Relate what you found to information in your textbook on the role of the media on children’s behavior.

Based on your findings what are the pros and cons of television for children and has this activity had any influence on your thoughts on how you might regulate your own children’s viewing?

Finally, if you were to study this topic further what other issues would you like to examine regarding children’s television?

Use 12 point font, inch margins, double-spaced. To save paper you may print on both sides.

Your paper should be 2-3 pages of text.

Remember to reference your textbook at the end because you will have used the research from text to relate to your study of children’s television. You will also need to reference the television shows and the dates they aired.

If you use any other sources besides your textbook you will also need to reference them at the end. You will also need to indicate in the body of the paper when and where you used information from the text versus your other sources via a citation.


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