The After math of counseloring a male rape victim

The After math of counseloring a male rape victim

1. Writing a brief description of your course content in your project? I will use the course content in my project to discuss how people deal with the after math of being a rape male victim.
2 What in my life experience has in inspired this project? my life experience that inspired me with this project was that a very good friend of mind was rape and he was a guy. he was rape in jail.
3) what will I learn as a result of this project .at the end of this project I will be able  to understand how a male rape victim feels and how they cope with there life .also I will be able to assistant a male rape victim deal with the after math and how to help them move on in life. Methodology – case study or interview a male rape victim. Write a essay on male victims rape in jail and how to counselor them .in the essay it should cover up above on what I wrote in APA style. with 6 professional  journal only must be used as a sources and reference page.

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