The art of war in business

this research paper mainly separated by 4 part ( introduction and history, Business leader, Marketing strategy and Management lesson) i want to each paragraph should be comprehensively connected with the next paragraph

also each supporting ideas have to include at least one the REAL example of Business situation. like how REAL companies applied this strategies which form the ART of WAR. 
the examples should be contained in each supporting ideas (Business leader ship, Marketing strategy, and Management lesson)
also i want add the Quotes from The ART OF WAR. actually first supporting idea, Business leadership section includes some quotes it was ok but other section especially, last section Management lesson does not include any QUOTES so i’d like to ask add the quotes form The art of war on each section. especially last idea Management lesson does not sounds clear it is too sound very wordy. 
however, currently it looks containing some of marketing strategies even it mainly talking about market. i want you to revise it.
Finally, this research paper does not contain the clear conclusion paragraph
it had ended with last supporting idea.
the conclusion para should include summary of all three supporting ideas and more clear opinion about thesis and finally concluding statement.
but it does not contain any summary of paper 
also overall paper use TOO MUCH PARAPHRASE rather than opinion.


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