The changing role and image of Management Accountants: Business Partnering in BP

Please read carefully all the documents I have uploaded and use the resources list I give you as well.
Assignment Brief tells you what you need to do. There are three learning outcomes assessed.
The chosen company for the assignment is the BP plc. Please answer the two questions in the report. The first one is critically evaluates the changing role and image of Management Accountants over and last three decades and the second one is evaluates how Management Accounting Business Partners could better support decision making, control and performance management within the company, and the challenges of implementing this new model.
Note: this is a REPORT and you must be presented in a professional format, using business English and writing for a Business Audience. Marks will be awarded for the layout, clarity and overall professionalism of the work, so please look at the Detailed Assessment Criteria for Grading on the Assignment brief. You should know clearly which is the tutor wants to see and mark for what.
Finally, the most important thing is make sure your work is unique and original!!! If you need more time, please let me know.


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