The concept of citizenship is currently at the hearth of many social policy debates

Essay is divided into sections
Introduction; outlining the main topics concepts entailed by the title and providing an overview of the essay’s structure 
Main body; consisting of at least two sections. Each preceded by its own title.
Conclusion; summarizing the main points discussed in the essay and drawing them together in line with the title’s requirements.
General contents: the essay demonstrates evidence of systematic and thorough discussion of the topic(s), inline with the title’s requirements. Focus is kept on: connections between the topic(s) and concepts and debates addressed in the literature; where these insights address the topic(a) at a descriptive and prescriptive level.
Analytical and critical skills:Insightfully and coherently reflects on the implications of theory for social policy.
Clarity of style: writes clearly, coherently and correctly.
Use if literature and referencing: in-text referencing and bibliography are fully inline with academic requirements


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