The effect of treadmill on adolescent cerebral palsy gait

clear, concise summary of the critical thinking project
The abstract/summary includes all of the necessary elements. The clarity of each element is outstanding. The abstract is concise and the structure is outstanding. The abstract/summary is an outstanding representation of the study proposed.
The context and purpose of the study is clear
Critical discussion of the context of the research problem including background information has outstanding clarity. There is outstanding justification (critical judgements) for the study proposed
*Research Question
The research question aims */objectives */hypotheses * (as appropriate) are wholly correct and explicitly linked to the literature reviewed.
The research question is outstanding. It is clear, concise, informative to the reader and is focused on the literature review. Research aims*, objectives*, hypotheses* (*as appropriate) have outstanding clarity and wholly reflect the question set
The proposed research design is appropriate and justified 
There is an outstanding critical discussion and/or justification of the research design in relation to the study aim*, objectives*, hypotheses* (*as appropriate).
The proposed sampling strategy and proposed number of participants is justified
There is outstanding justification of sampling strategy including how and from where the sample will be obtained. Outstanding justification for sample size. Details and justification of inclusion/exclusion are very extensive
The outcome measures/data collection method is justified
There is an outstanding critical discussion of the outcomes used to collect and record data for the study proposed. Justification for the use of outcomes, including details of their psychometric properties is extensive
The data collection procedure is feasible, detailed and has a low risk of bias
Detail of the procedure (including pilot study) is outstanding, allowing the study to be accurately reproduced. There is a very logical approach resulting in a low risk of bias
The ethical issues pertinent to the proposed study have been critically discussed and systems have been proposed to ensure the wellbeing of the participants
There is outstanding critical discussion of the ethical issues and where issues have been identified these have been very highly pertinent to the study proposed. There is outstanding evidence that the participants will be treated ethically. The plan for seeking ethical review has outstanding clarity.
*Data analysis

The proposed methods for data analysis and presentation are appropriate and justified.
There is outstanding critical discussion of how the data collected will be analysed. Justification for the choice of methods of summarising and presenting, describing and analysing the data (including statistical tests to be used where appropriate) has outstanding detail and is entirely correct.
this is the things should be included in the proposal in details and critical please.


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