The effectiveness and the efficiency of combining the honeypot w

Thanks Writer 364060 for working on my previous work which was “Building a web application honeypot on Raspberry Pi 2 for Early Alert Intrusion Detection System. Order number 81576237″. I would like if you continue my work for this order ” the effectiveness and the efficiency of combining the honeypot with the Raspberry Pi in detecting the malicious behaviors.” Its a second chapter. I would like if you can find more information about: 

– show if or if not a web application honeypot on Raspberry Pi can be used with high performance to detect web intrusion attacks better than Desktop computers or servers.( give prove of performance or detection report) 
– Recommendations of how can future Raspberry pi honeypot studies in intrusion detection be improved to gain high performance.
– Show the process of installing : Glastopf honeypot , Kippo honeypot and snort. Also their configuration steps.
– Any evaluation reports of Raspberry pi honeypot detection or performance. ( this section is most important )
– A clone honeypot image that can be download and got all the necessary tools for easy run. 
– Limitations of honeypot projects focus on the use of honeypot on raspberry pi more and how we can solve these limitations.
– Show the differences in all aspects of the different kind of honeypots we will focus on Glastopf honeypot , Kippo honeypot and Dionaea honeypot
– Can we rely on a Honeypot on raspberry pi to replace the current Honeypots ?


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