The English literary canon in relation to postcolonial texts,

Essay question:

The influence of the literary canon weighs heavily on many postcolonial texts. But many such texts also find inspiration in the practice of rethinking, critiquing, and responding to the dictates of the canon. Examine the role of the canon in one primary text on the course. You may of course refer to other texts to support a more general case.

Primary text to be used in answering the question is Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys.

Essay guidelines:

• Incorporating a thesis statement. 
• Topic sentences at either the beginning or end of every paragraph. This should, wherever possible, connect the particular point of the paragraph to the overall thesis statement.
• Incorporation of research.
• Demonstrated strong understanding of the primary text being covered.
• Demonstrated strong understanding of relevant theoretical and conceptual issues.
• Where appropriate, critical engagement with ideas and information covered in lectures.


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