The final assignment for this course is an IMC plan for an organization/situation of your choosing. Please select an organization facing a situation that can be addressed using an IMC campaign

The final assignment for this course is an IMC plan for an organization/situation of your choosing.

Please select an organization facing a situation that can be addressed using an IMC campaign. 

IMC Plan Format – 
Your plan must include the following basic components:

Summary/Executive Overview 
• A backgrounder on the organization
• State the opportunity/problem 
• State what you want to accomplish with this IMC campaign and explain your rationale 
• Share success factors – how will you measure the success of the campaign? 

Situational Analysis 
• Provide an internal and external analysis of the organization, e.g. a SWOT analysis

Publics/Audience Analysis 
• Identify publics, listed in order of priority 
• Share insight as to who they are, what is important to them, why they are a target public – go beyond the basic demographics and truly demonstrate you understand these audiences

Goal and IMC Objectives 
• State the organization’s mission statement, vision and values 
• State the goal of your communication plan 
• List your IMC objectives; make sure that they are measurable and are not simply output driven, i.e. We plan to send out 5 media releases – this is not a true outcome
• Ensure that your objectives support the organization’s mission and business goals

Branding and Messages 
• State your brand positioning strategy, including any key messages 
• Provide logic for selecting these messages 
• Explain how they will be used and for which publics they are intended
• Review any imagery or taglines to be included in the campaign

IMC Elements/Tactics in Campaign 
• Explain the various tools/techniques in your campaign 
• Provide reasons of why you have selected these elements and for which publics they are intended
• Include additional objectives if necessary
• Include your key messages in the information provided to demonstrate their use 
• Identify which IMC objective is tied to which tactic
• Provide samples of the elements (desktop work is appropriate) 
• Provide a timeline of preparing materials, distribution, follow up, evaluation, etc. Include contingency planning 
• Provide a budget breakdown for this campaign (budget total to come from client)

Evaluation and Conclusion
• State your conclusion, summarizing your plan 
• How will you know if promoting and evaluating your campaign will be a success? 
• Explain your evaluation techniques in detail

Writing style

• Use heading, subheadings, etc. for readability 
• Design should include headers and/or footers for professionalism, listing page number
• Include a title/cover page and table of contents 
• No typographical or grammatical errors 
• Plan must be typed, double-spaced, 10-12pt. body font
• Length of plan must be between 10pages (not including work samples)

Overall Impressions 
• The overall impact that your campaign plan makes 
• General layout, readability, flow of material


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