The Honest Truth About Dishonest By Dan Ariel

Term paper
The Honest Truth About Dishonest By Dan Ariel

ECON 430: Term Paper Guidelines Fall 2015

TERM PAPER ASSIGNMENTS: Your term paper assignment is for you to write two short essays, each of them tied one of the two books we will read and discuss over the course of the semester. While your papers must be tied to these books, you will have some latitude in how you approach this assignment. One possibility would, of course, be for you to elaborate some more on the details of one of the issues that we discussed in Class. Another possibility would be for you to write on some specific aspect of one of the issues at hand that you believe calls for further scrutiny. Or, if you wish, you can focus on issue that has been in the news and then compare and contrast that with things that we discussed during the class.

TERM PAPER SUBMISSION: The papers must be submitted by uploading the papers in BlackBoard.

ORIGINALITY: The paper must be your own original work written specifically for this class. Both of your papers will be checked for originality using

LENGTH: While the length of your paper must of course depend on your chosen topic, each of your papers must be at least 1000 words exclusive of the title page, any direct quotes, and references.

SPELLING AND GRAMMAR: You must thoroughly check the grammar and the spelling of the paper before you submit it. Grammar, spelling, and the quality of your writing will count for at least 15 points of the total 50 points of the grade for each paper.

CITATIONS & CITATION STYLE: You must cite all your sources and you must cite these sources using one of the following styles: MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, Turabian, or the style of the American Economic Review. While you are free to select any of these citation styles, you must follow whichever style you choose to the letter.


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