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Please read and follow the below instructions: This paper should aim at making connections across the readings, and they should put forward a modest argument about how each reading speaks to the broader theme of the week…(attached are 3 readings). Mechanics: 1. Papers must be between 400 words and 500 words. 2. Papers must be typed or word-processed; double-spaced and in 12 point type. 3. Your name must appear, and pages must be numbered. 4. Any direct quotations, paraphrases, or uses of others’ ideas (from either the readings assigned or elsewhere) must be CITED in APA format. Content: 1. The first paragraph (or two) should summarize the key arguments in the assigned reading. The remainder of the paper should critically analyze the reading. This means: a. You should critically evaluate the arguments and theories presented, telling your reader what is good, what is bad, and what is missing from them. Give examples from readings to support your case. b. You should critically evaluate the evidence or the logical form of the argument that the authors present in support of their theoretical argument. Does the evidence support the claims? How? Why not? Give examples to support your case. c. You should provide a conclusion that indicates what is most valuable or most problematic about the arguments presented in the chapters. Give examples from readings to support your case. You may either present your analysis as a series of separate paragraphs touching on each of these points or you may address them simultaneously. But your ULTIMATE GOAL should be to present your own argument as a coherent, well-developed and logical whole. (PLEASE SPELL CHECK THE ORDER WELL…THANKS)


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