The Human Mindset and how it creates our Reality

You must submit 250-750 words of your draft. I am most interested in seeing the hook you use to catch your audience’s interest in the introductory section and in your thesis statement (make sure you underline your thesis). You must include at least one source in this draft; you should display the correct usage of MLA in-text citations. At the top of the draft, you may write 2-3 specific questions that you would like me to address when I look at your draft. THIS IS DUE MONDAY, NOVEMBER 23RD. 

Then a final draft as per below…

Causal Analysis Research Essay Length: 2000 words (includes your headings, paragraphs, and works-cited list) 
Research Project Components The overall research project is worth 30% of your final grade. Your research project will consist of 3 components:  Research Paper Topic Proposal Sheet: 10 points (this is already done) Research Paper Rough Draft: 40 points (needs to be done)  Research Paper Final Draft: 150 points (needs to be done) 
Specific Requirements 
 Cite parenthetical sources correctly (showing that you know how and when to cite sources is a minimum criteria to pass the paper)  Use MLA format through the paper  Include a comprehensive “Works Cited” page: papers that do not include the Works Cited page and/or in-text citations will automatically receive a failing grade  Have at least 5 recent, credible sources total. Be careful with using .com sources for research; thoroughly check the purpose of the website (e.g. are they trying to sell a product; is the information accurate?). Websites such as are unacceptable for academic research.  You must include at least one database article obtained through the FSW State College Library; the database name should be clearly indicated in the Works Cited page (use MLA format). -(I can add this citing) Five points will be deducted from the final paper grade if you are missing the required database article.


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