The impact of E-Commerce

1-The impact of E-Commerce on corporate profits.

2- The impact of the Internet on Business.

3- The Impact of E- Commerce on business.

4- GDP change VS oil change

Also, the conditions for the research are that:
The paper have to be about 13 pages (Double space / 11 pitch font / Time Roman)
(unless you have use 100 data)

Must contain Charts

……………………………………………………..1- Specify your Hypothesis

2) Find the source of available data related to your project and specify the scope and range of data (which

years it covers and if it is International, National level, State level, County/City level, or

Household/Individual level data)

3) Search for available literature and make a list of available literature with a brief summary of their main

findings and results

A term paper must have the following section:

1. Title

2. Name, affiliation, and email address of the authors

3. Abstract

4. Keywords

5. Introduction and literature review (this literature will be listed in the reference section below) and how

your work is similar to or different from the literature

6. Your hypothesis

7. Your sources of data and its specifications

8. Your model (for example, your regression model)

9. Your main results and discussion of your results

10. Future directions to improve your work

11. References

Below you can find a list of resources for your projects (note that these are a few examples of the

publicly available data only, and there are many more sources of data that are not in this list):

1) U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) at

2) U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) at

3) Census Bureau at

4) Congressional Budget Office at

5) US Department of Housing and Urban Development at

6) Minnesota Population Center at

7) National Longitudinal Surveys at and

8) Economic Research Service in the U.S. Department of Agriculture at

9) Panel Study of Income Dynamics at

10) Geographic Federal Reserve Economic Data at

11) Federal Reserve Economic Data at

12) Health and Retirement Study at

13) European Commission at

14) The CESifo Group, consisting of the Center for Economic Studies (CES), the Ifo Institute

for Economic Research and the CESifo GmbH (Munich Society for the Promotion of

Economic Research), at

15) Economic Time Series Page:

16)  National Bureau of Economic Research at

17)  World Trade Organization (WTO) at

18)  The World Bank at,,menuPK:476823~pagePK:64


19)  International Monetary Fund (IMF) at

20)  National Health Interview Survey

And this list goes on …

As for current debates in economics go to:

and for debates on supply and demand go to:


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