the influence laser beam spot profile in the proerties and m

:1-list the diifferents laser beam profile .one page
2.speake about the required needed in laser spot (such uniform intensity,and avoid high thermal gradient around the laser spot which could lead to cracks )(maybe put pitures).one page.
3-deep critical literature with high quality of influence in differends beam profile in co2 laser in the coating quality.(focus in WC-12CO ,INCONAL 625 coating powder.

in the literature as i said before compare the adventges and disadvantges of each laser beam profile like based in my reading so far the ellipce give the best result in co2 laser as round one create high thermal gradiens in spot edge which lead to crack also round (circle) dosent have uniform intensity like ellipce or line beam proflie .(7 pages.manimu 40 references in form of literatue (use ASME reference style).

notes: i will review all information source after recieve my order to assure is correct.


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