the JFK shooting

the JFK shooting

Talking about the texas school book depository and describing it, what happened there and the JFK shooting overall


Paper instructions:
describe The Texas Schoolbook Depository in thorough detail and then learn as much about its background and historical importance as you can. Consult printed books and articles on the site, utilize Internet resources. Be creative and show initiative as you try to unearth the importance of your site. The amount of effort you put into your research is a strong component of your project grade. Finally, evaluate the site from a personal standpoint. Be opinionated and analytical.
Presentations should answer the following questions (don’t necessarily copy or list these questions in your paper, just make sure you address these issues in the general “flow” of the paper):
• Is the site worthy of attention and does it justify any money that may have been spent on it? Does it have relevance? Was it interesting to you?
• Accurately describe the location and condition of the site. Has it been visited often? Is it well maintained? Is it easily accessible or difficult to locate?
• Finalconclusion:If you were in charge of creating or destroying US historical sites, what would you do to this one? Why?

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