The liquidity of treasury bonds

Prepare a 6 page academic paper based on the topic 3) the paper must follow APA guidelines 4) make sure to base your paper on sufficient research and references. If you are trying to make a convincing point, examples resourced from academic research helps you make a case.

You are to submit your paper here online. Your paper is processed through a plagiarism software called Turnitin. After you have submitted, within 1-to-24 hours you can view the software report. You should review the report and if the similarity index is high (typically once you cross 15% you are in the danger zone, doesn’t mean you are plagiarizing, but it does mean you are using too much of someone’s writing word by word and not presenting your own version of the information) and you should go back and make necessary changes. Once done, you can submit it again and see the report again. So, prior to the deadline, you can make changes and turn in the paper over and over again online. I will use and grade the last submission prior to the deadline. Of course, you need to follow all APA standards. I have posted a sample APA paper for those that have not been in the Master program long enough, but this is a requirement for this program and the University.


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