The marketing class (an ability to interpret Spss and Excel correctly required)

Before starting, you have the ability to deal with SPSS and excel as well as the ability to interpret them correctly. If you did wrong, I will ask a refund. What you have to work on is the only bonus question. You have the ability to deal with SPSS, Excel, and interpret them correctly. If you got wrong, I ask a refund. Before starting it, if you cannot do, just switch to the other writer who can deal with SPSS and Excel. In order to solve the bonus question below, you have to look at critically following resources below. 1) The research paper I uploaded which is called “research paper” 2) Abstract for the research paper 3) the excel for the question to be solved 4) the answer from1 to 4 for the question ,which other did. 5) the excel which you have to look at. <Bonus Question> (which you only have to do. You also need to draw graph for 2 and 3 correctly) (If it is not correct, I will ask refund 100%). 5. Calculate “probability of being active” over time for each household. Please report A. How you calculated the probability B. A time series graph of randomly selected five households C. A time series graph of mean probability across households.


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