The Mirage Hotel Reservation System

1- Identify 5 factors or risks that could create a challenge in developing the solution and explain how you would address these factors. This should be viewed from the approach that will be used for development, such as – build from scratch using in-house resources, outsource to a consultant, or purchase the software or modules off-the-shelf. Also, think about the other issues that are associated with the implementation of new systems such as bugs in the code, business interruptions, confidentiality and privacy, etc.
2- How do you plan to deal with quality issues in the development process? Discuss the types of testing that you envision might be necessary.
3- Explain which conversion strategy you would use to implement your solution.
4- What strategies would you use to deal with change management issues?
5- What are some of the organizational constraints you think could impact the implementation of the solution?

Please read and understand the uploaded 4 parts to be able to deliver a good report.


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