The Nurse's Role

An ED quality manager was interviewed regarding crowdedness in ED and possible arising issues: stressful environment, increase medications error, poor patient satisfaction, patients leaving without being seen and diverting ambulances. To overcome crowdedness some of the steps taken are: float nurses and measuring ED performance: time from ED arrival to admit or discharge length of stay, pts left without being seen. 1.Determine what could be the manager view regarding the impact of the direct care nurse’s role in clinical outcomes of the organizations.2. How does this influence the ability of the organization to achieve its strategic agenda? Resources: Johansen, M.L. (2014). Conflicting priorities: Emergency nurses perceived disconnect between patient satisfaction and the delivery of quality patient care. Journal of Emergency Nursing, 40(1), 13-19. doi: 10.1016/j.jen.2012.04.013 Thornlow, D.K. & Merwin, E. (2009). Managing to improve quality: The relationship between accreditation standards, safety practices, and patient outcomes. Health Care Management Review, 34(3), 261-272. doi: 10.1097/HMR.0b013e3181a16bce. Explore the American Hospital Association’s Web site. Focus on the information on improving patient safety and quality of care. •American Nurses Association National Database—NDNQI History


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