The nursing theory

Preparing the Paper
The following are best practices for preparing this paper:
1 When introducing the nursing theory, be sure to identify the appropriate paradigm (if applicable) that it represents. Provide the rationale for selecting the nursing theory. Provide the purpose of the paper and a preview of what the paper will include.
2 When describing the nursing theory, be sure to fully describe the theoretical structure and process. Include the four subtopics regarding the selected nursing theory’s purpose, concepts and definitions, relationships and structure, and major assumptions. Use examples from the theorist’s work that illustrate and support your assertions.
3 When reflecting on the nursing theory, be sure to fully critique the theory. Include the five subtopics regarding the selected theory’s clarity, simplicity, generality, accessibility, and importance. Then discuss the strengths and limitations of the theory (empiric and aesthetic) and how easy it is to apply the theory in practical terms to the practice of nursing. Use examples from the nursing theorist’s work that illustrate and support your assertions.
When describing  the application of the theory, (1) describe a problem that you are considering as a potential topic for your eventual DNP scholarly project, (2) discuss the way in which the theory applies to the identified topic, (3) describe how the selected theoryScientific Underpinnings Paper Guidelines
The purpose of this application is to provide the student the opportunity to critically appraise a selected nursing theory that might serve as the scientific underpinnings (theoretical foundation
Course Outcomes
This assignment provides documentation of student ability to meet the following course outcomes:
CO5: Examine the concepts and principles used in theory development and empiric vs. aesthetic critical appraisal
CO6: Differentiate selected theoretical perspectives representing totality and simultaneity paradigms in nursing
4 When describing  the application of the theory, (1) describe a problem that you are considering as a potential topic for your eventual DNP scholarly project, (2) discuss the way in which the theory applies to the identified topic, (3) describe how the selected theory would be useful as a basis for nursing actions related to the problem of interest. Use relevant examples from the practice setting that illustrate and support your assertions.
5 An effective conclusion should include the main ideas and major conclusions. Summarize the benefits of the selected nursing theory for an eventual DNP Project. Do not add new information in the conclusion.

The the geragogy theory has a Aesthetics appraisa as it relates to the theory should be portrayed in ways that best fits the patient and their condition.

The theory help me to develop my project  because the nursing teaching should be specific and oriented to the age considering their limitation (memory, vision deficit, audition deficit ………

The  project introduces the geragogy principles .The theory explains the older adult needs a different educational approach . Although the education of the patient is  a very important role ,the geragogy principles was rarely applied in the nursing field and never has been investigated in the perioperative area ,The study will compare the level of knowledge  of the older adult undergoing to a primary total knee replacement . with the geragogy based teaching individualized intervention and written material .

Tam (2014) did analysis of geragogy as a diferent theory of teaching and learning in older persons.
Geragogy incorporate teaching interventions to compensate for the physical sensory, and cognitive deficit of the elderly client .
Geragogy focuses on the empowerment of older learners

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